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Signal Flags For Sale

Reproduction Signal Flags!!

Valerie Mathers, a seamstress and tailor to the re-enacting community, is at-the-ready to manufacture Federal army signal flags using the most exacting of early 1860ís patterns. There are Re-enacting signalmen who already possess accurate reproduction flags which she has so faithfully endevored to produced. With the able assistance of Signal Corps Association Reenactors' Division member and researcher Stephen H. Siemsen, Valerie Mathers has been able to replicate museum quality flags, including the appropriate hard to find twill cotton ties, proper spacing and construction techniques used in extant originals.

Order prices are:
Two Foot (Action) Red or White @ $20.00 each
Four Foot Red, White or Black @ $60.00 each
Six Foot White or Black @ $80.00 each

Shipping is $5.00 extra for each group mailing

Place your order by E-wir'g Valerie at: hourglasscreations @

Or Write:
Valerie Mathers
c/o Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)
No. 13 Beach Road,
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060.

When placing orders, please include three initials of the person intended to receive the flag set. Valerie Mathers will continue her predecessor Mrs. Iris Joiner's practice of recording the initials of every flag she sews so that they may readily be identified if discovered on the reenactment field. If, at any local or national event, you recover or secure an un-attended flag, Valerie Mathers can inform you as to the owner may be. Like our cryptic message books, she will record everyone's initials for re-visitation .

Please Note:

"The two foot or action-flag was employed in exceptional cases only. An action-flag, as its name indicates, was for use when special exposure might compel the flagman to lie down or to seek shelter, while the signals must, at the same time, be made." It is also noted however that, system creator, Albert J. Myer endeavored to make the use of the four foot flag almost compulsory. The temptation was great on the part of the flagmen to substitute a standard four-foot flag for the action-flag, and thus render the transmission of important messages uncertain. The preceeding is also eluded to in Chapter V. relative to Principles and Methods, Page 103. sub-heading "Flag Practice," in History of the Signal Corps... JW Brown, 1896 Re-printed 1996 by the Signal Corps Association (see book reviews on this site).

Lack of elevation and dense gun smoke upon the reenactment field will usually render the small action flag invisible and at the most inconvenient times. Experience has proven that reenacting signalmen should consider choosing the four foot white when making their first flag purchase. It is readily visible over the red flag of the same size in grey gun-smoke, and can only add to your accuracy at times when most needed. Black flags are almost invisible during the din and haze of engagements and therefore should be necessarily avoided except if view'd by those observing a signallist with a sky background as in upon a roof or ridge. The combination representing "BBB" is thus to be given to place the Black Flag into service.

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