Signal Corps Association

    The Signal Corps Association (SCA) 1860-1865 is a national group of private citizens sharing an interest in the signal and secret services of the North and South during the American Civil War. A period attired and equipped living history segment known as the Reenactor's Division also exists within SCA; hence the acronym “SCARD.”

    The SCA provides a medium for students, researchers, historians and reenactors to investigate the signal, telegraphic and secret service developments during the War Between the States. Through signal training camps, reenactments, living history programs, visits to schools and libraries, lectures and memorial programs, SCA hopes to develop and share its archive with others through public awareness, the role and sacrifices of military and civilian telegraphists, signalmen and others who gathered, developed or conveyed intelligence communication on both sides of the conflict.

    By encouraging the study of period tactical tele- communications and intelligence gathering, including codes, cryptography, aerial telegraphy (flag), electric telegraphy (wire), observation balloons, signal rockets, lights and mortars, spies, scouts, agents and secret operations, SCA seeks to perpetuate the memory of America's mid-19th. century military and civilian communication pioneers and care for their monuments, markers and final resting places.

    The SCA and its reenactor's division has departments, detachments and or "stations" in more than 30 states. Many associates are not reenactors, but all do share an interest through the study and  understanding of those who manned the telegraph key and sounder or pulled glass watch at innumerable observation posts, relaying vital despatches via flag and torch from hills, towers, rooftops, tree platforms and the mastheads of ships.

    The SCA holds no meetings, has no mandatory events and collects no dues. Members are as active in the association as they have time to be. Since 1987 SCA's monthly publication , Signal Cipher, has served as the organization's official transmitter. In January 1999 it was converted from paper to cyber text. Articles, announcements and queries are submitted by you our readers and focus on signal, telegraph and secret service operations, methodology, historical personages and related subject matter. These subjects can be searched by using our SITE SEARCH And Articles can be submitted by E-mailing The Signal Adjutant.

    Also included at this site you will find an extensive bibliography to keep your research going for some time. Members of SCARD rely extensively on this work which contains over 150 entries. We also have an active Signal Corps Forum in which you can participate by asking questions or provide answers to the subjects at hand.

    We have also created separate signal and telegraph training departments. Coupled with documentation from the bibliography and our extensive archive, SCARD will use this site for the introduction of national reenacting communication standards, which when linked with practical field instruction and examination will result in the awarding of credible and nationally recognized certification.

    For other comments concerning the site or to receive a statement regarding our Signal Corps Association Reenactor's Division mission and how you individually, or your organization, might benefit through SCARD, we encourage you to contact our Adjutant and Inspector General's Office via e-wire at: Marley Creek Archives Additionally, financial contributions for the maintenance and furthur development of this site are alway appreciated.

    We do appreciate your interest and look forward to providing you with historically accurate documentation and a vehicle to functional period communicators!


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