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RANK: The rank of officers commissioned in the Signal Corps. is given immediately after the name, Acting Signal Officers are designated by the letters A. S. O. their rank in the organization from which detailed, is that at the time of detail; where later rank is shown it is given following the name of the organization.

ADDRESSES: The present addresses of nearly 1,200 members are given in connection with the names. These have all been recently verified.

RECORDS: As far as possible, distinction has been made between those detailed who returned to their regiments and those who were permanently transferred to the Corps. In cases of enlistment directly into the Corps, it is believed that all are so recorded. The statement of the fact of enlistment, with date thereof, refers to enlistment in the Signal Corps and not to an enlistment in any other organization unless so specified. The locality given in most cases, following the fact of detail or enlistment, is the residence at the time, and not the place of enlistment. As far as known the various departments or armies in which service was rendered are given, and in the order of such service.

DEATHS: All who have been reported as deceased are marked with an asterisk (*) preceding the name.

CORRECTIONS: Prompt notification of errors and omissions will be of value, and will be carefully rectified in the permanent records of the association by the secretary.

Last Names begining with A thru F

Last Names begining with G thru M

Last Names begining with N thru Z

1861 - 1865 Roster Revised in 1886
(With Personal Records)

1861 - 1865 Roster Compiled in April 1913
(where addresses are known)

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Hand-Coded by Mark C. Hageman, US Signal Corps.,1st Section, Department of New York, Civil War Reenactors